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What does it take to become a partner?

Northern Oklahoma Humane Society is always excited to meet and work with new rescue organizations. Our staff truly care about each and every animal and want the very best for them, so of course, want to make sure that all agencies we partner with are committed to the same high standards. We want to make partnering to save lives as easy as possible, but we will need a few things to get started.

  • Full name, physical address and contact information for the agency as well as the specific information on what persons are specifically authorized to choose animals and enter into agreements regarding tagging and transport.

  • Basic background information about your agency; how long you have been involved in rescue and how your agency works….for example, if you have a facility or foster-based, what your adoption protocol is and if you have an open door to accept returned pets.

  • We may ask for “rescue references” from other established partner rescue or area shelters.

  • We will also need a veterinary reference to process your partnership application.

  • A copy of your Dept. of Ag License and 501c3 certificate or any other applicable licenses.

  • All of the above may be sent to for further consideration. 

We ask for your understanding that while we will respond to inquiries as quickly as possible, we may not always be able to respond or provide requested information immediately. We all wear many hats. We want to get animals out as quickly as possible and facilitate great rescue relationships and promise to do our very best to get you answers or information as soon as we can.

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