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How Does It Work? 

We will provide the standard medical care and spay/neuter of the pet and a large bag of dry food, while you and your family provide love, exercise, and socialization. While you are preparing your foster pet for adoption, our team is working with you to post the pet's photo, personality description and any special needs on our website and, to assist you, and to plan the pet's attendance at our scheduled adoption events, where potential adopters can meet pets in foster care. 

In order to take in nursing puppies or kittens, we often need a foster home for them to stay in while they are growing. We provide food, puppy or kitten milk, feeding supplies, and all other necessities. 

You can help with the adoption by sharing information about the pet in your community or at your place of work. If you are interested in partnering with us in this service please call the shelter at 580-767-8877.

Foster parents ease the homeless pet's grief and anxiety in the transition to a new home. Foster parents are always needed for cats, kittens, bottle babies, all size dogs, and puppies. Our greatest need is for foster parents!

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Cute Poodle
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