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Thank you for your interest in fundraising for Northern Oklahoma Humane Society. We could not care for animals in need without the efforts and commitment of compassionate community members like you. 

Northern Oklahoma Humane Society Involvement

Although Northern Oklahoma Humane Society is unable to provide planning services for third-party fundraisers due to our limited staffing and current projects, once your fundraiser is approved, we are happy to provide:

  • NOKHS logos (see logo guidelines below)

  • NOKHS brochures 

  • Standard language to use in your promotions

  • Digital photos of NOKHS animals

  • Donation boxes

  • Donations wish list


Due to the volume of requests we receive year-round, our own fundraising efforts and privacy policy, we are not able to provide:


  • Marketing or promotions of your fundraiser (including content on our social media channels and website)

  • Staff or volunteers to help run your fundraiser

  • Technical support (selling tickets, setting up a website, etc.)

  • Funding or paying for any fees or costs

  • NOKHS merchandise, prizes, or any other physical items

  • Access to mailing lists, emails, or other contact information of our donors or adopters

Marketing & Promotions

Third-party fundraisers are responsible for their own promotions. Northern Oklahoma Humane Society must pre-approve all promotional materials before distribution. All materials must clearly indicate that the event is not sponsored by NOKHS and should specify what portion of proceeds will be donated to NOKHS.

It is important that the NOKHS name and logo be used correctly and spelled properly. Always refer to the organization as Northern Oklahoma Humane Society. Please adhere to the following logo guidelines:


  • The logo must be obtained digitally from NOKHS, it may not be copied.

  • The logo may be reproduced in all black or in all white on black or equally dark background. For all color print jobs the color logo should be used. 

  • The logo cannot be boxed.

Third-Party Fundraiser Approval

Each third-party fundraiser will be considered individually. Generally, the following events will not be approved:

  • Events located in close proximity to another NOKHS event.

  • Events that require significant attendance from NOKHS staff and volunteers.

  • Events associated with businesses or individuals known to conduct themselves in a manner not compatible with the NOKHS mission.

  • Events that result in the sale, auction, or raffling of animals.


Additional Terms

All requests must be submitted a minimum of two weeks prior to the date of your event.
Funds from your third-party fundraiser would need to be delivered to Northern Oklahoma Humane Society within 10 days of the event’s conclusion.

Next Steps

Please fill out the application as completely as possible and return to the contact information provided below. Applications are reviewed in the order they are received.

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